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19 Февраля 2019 г.
Kerryon Johnson becomes the first 100-yard rusher for the Detroit Lions in 5 years November 28 Youth Devon Kennard Jersey , 2013.It is a date that most Detroit Lions fans have committed to memory at this point. Almost five years ago was the last time that a Lions running back rushed for over 100 yards in a single game. Since Reggie Bush tallied 117 yards against the Packers, players like Joique Bell, Ameer Abdullah, Zach Zenner, and Theo Riddick have all fallen short.However, this fun trivia fact became a thing of the past on Sunday night against the New England Patriots. Kerryon Johnson, sel ected in the second round this past offseason Cheap Ziggy Ansah Jersey , is the latest hope drafted by Detroit to break this curse, and he eclipsed the century mark on national television to finally end the Lions’ 70-game drought.Johnson looked exactly like the back the Lions hoped he would be, hitting 101 yards on 16 carries. He caught the ball twice for nine receiving yards as well. The running game as a whole has looked as good as it has in a long while against New England. LeGarrette Blount may not have been the record-breaker, but he added 48 yards of his own against a Patriots defense who looked like they missed their old defensive coordinator. Dan Orlovsky has never been shy in his support of his former teammate Matthew Stafford. The two made up the Detroit Lions’ quarterback depth chart for three straight years fr om 2014 to 2016. There may not be a player that knows Stafford better than Orlovsky. So it’s little surprise that Orlovsky came running to support Stafford after the Lions quarterback has come under fire for Detroit’s lackluster offensive performance over the past three games. In Stafford’s most recent game against the Bears, he threw two interceptions, completed just 59.5 percent of passes, and averaged a mere 6.5 yards per passing attempt. Still , Orlovsky categorized Stafford’s play as “very good.” First of all, as much as Orlovsky wants to claim he’s being “100% unbiased” that is simply impossible. No one comes without bias, and hanging around Stafford for years has certainly made him vulnerable of showing favoritism towards his buddy. That being said, Orlovsky’s viewpoint still carries value. Indeed, there aren’t a lot of people who know the offense better than Dan-O and he certainly knows the reads a quarterback needs to go through. And as for his conclusion that receivers aren’t winning man-to-man matchups, there’s some objective evidence to support those claims:Of course, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary Cheap Frank Ragnow Jersey , as well. Stafford was 18th in DYAR according to Football Outsiders this week, and his PFF grade over the past three weeks has been bad. The truth, as always, probably lies somewh ere in the middle. Stafford is far from the Lions’ biggest problems right now, but he certainly shoulders some of the blame.Congrats to Zach Zenner, who not only has a job with the Lions again, but has Baby 2.0 on the way: If you’re still harping on Matthew Stafford getting cut or traded Cheap Kerryon Johnson Jersey , Dave Birkett sets the record straight and shows why it’s never going to happen in the next year or two. Did you miss not having Chris Spielman on the broadcast last week? Here he is breaking down three key plays fr om the Bears game: Matt Patricia told the media on Monday that they are not currently considering letting another coach or coordinator go at the moment.File this under “stat that probably means nothing, but is still interesting” Former Lions legend Lem Barney is suing local pizza chain Happy’s Pizza for discrimination.
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