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14 Мая 2019 г.
Black Monday is the term used for the day after the NFL season when team owners and general managers move on from their coaching staffs. In the same way popular shopping day Black Friday has leaked into Thanksgiving [url=]Stitched Justin Bethel Jersey[/url] , some coaches are fired a few hours after they coach their last game. The day is early but we have a lot of big names that could resurface in Atlanta’s expected retooled coaching staff.Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay BuccaneersDirk Koetter was fired on Sunday after three years as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach. He’s a very good offensive coordinator but probably not a good fit with Quinn’s preferred offensive scheme and the current personnel. Steve Wilks, Arizona CardinalsSteve Wilks was shockingly only given one season with the Arizona Cardinals. He was unable to turn a disaster roster into much more but there were a number of confusing schematic decisions on offense and defense. Wilks had one great season as the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator and would make sense replacing Marquand Manuel. Vance Joseph, Denver BroncosVance Joseph, similar to Wilks, was unable to turn a terrible roster into a playoff team. Joseph is a very qualified defensive coordinator who spent years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Joseph would be a dream defensive coordinator if he fits with Quinn’s defensive mindset.Adam Gase, Miami DolphinsThe Miami Dolphins fired Adam Gase after multiple losing seasons. He’s already rumored to be in the running for multiple head coaching positions. He’s probably over his head in that role but is unquestionably a better offensive coordinator than half the league. He would be a huge improvement for the Falcons offense if he strikes out on another head coaching job.Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati BengalsI never thought I would live to see the day that Marvin Lewis was fired from the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s been with the team since 2003 but should have been fired countless times before now. I can’t say how Lewis was as a defensive coordinator but he’s certainly the most experienced coach available.Todd Bowles [url=]Youth Justin Bethel Jersey[/url] , New York JetsA potential hire way back in 2015, Bowles may run the complete opposite defense Quinn prefers. Lots of blitzing, complicated schemes, aggressive plays, and exotic formations. Bowles will certainly run defenses in the NFL but I don’t see how he ends up under Quinn. The three-point shot has become all the hype, but let’s make one thing clear: There is no basketball without the dunk. Imagine guys running up and down the floor shooting only 3s? That’s robotic. But when you’ve got seven-footers dunking on each other, small guys throwing it on big men, and high-flyers showboating in mid-air ... well [url=]Stitched Jack Crawford Jersey[/url] , you get a night like Wednesday night.Domantas Sabonis on Joel EmbiidEmbiid is a master troller on social media, but there isn’t much he can say after the night he had against Sabonis on Wednesday. Sabonis bodied the 76ers’ All-Star all night and played some tough, physical defense. He also came away with a poster dunk on one of the premier shot blockers and trash talkers of the league.Here’s the thing, though: If you look at the replay closely, you’ll see Sabonis shield the ball by using his off arm to fend off Embiid’s blocking arm. If you look again, it appears Sabonis elbow Embiid in the neck.It’s always nice to see someone dunk on Embiid for a change. This one, depending on how you look at it, could be considered an offensive foul.Donovan Mitchell is “hurt” tho. RightDonovan Mitchell sprained his ankle on Saturday [url=]Youth Jack Crawford Jersey[/url] , missed a game on Monday, then was listed as probable for Utah’s game against the Mavericks on Wednesday. Healthy ankles are generally a requirement for leaping high into the air. Ankle sprain or not, Mitchell took flight.Maxi Kleber tried to contest the dunk, but let’s be real: He stood no chance. Mitchell banged it on him with 1.5 ankles. Just look at the bench’s reaction for confirmation.Aaron Gordon did what?Aaron Gordon was in the air so long he didn’t know what to do with himself. So instead of just dunking the ball like a normal human being, he decided to be a mailman.Gordon caught the ball with one hand, then put the other hand behind his head, like Karl Malone did back in the day. It was the most unnecessary but beautiful addition to the dunk of the night.And it was part of a trio of dunks that made NBA basketball exciting to watch on Thursday.
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