Recovering From LASIK Eye Surgery

11 Сентября 2019 г.
Generally color contact lenses are available in three different kinds, visibility tints, opaque color tints and enhancement tints. The visibility tint, well used by many which have a special advantage to others, is typically a green or light blue tint added to a lens. This blue contacts helps you to see the lens clearly and better during the placing and removal of it from the eyes. It can also be differentiated from other objects when you are searching for it. It does not affect the eye color or sight as it is a very light tinted one.

The famous and renowned celebrities and many sensational actors as well as actresses are putting on color contact lens which can modify their image. Sometimes they use it as a style statement while in the other time they need to wear it for their role in a particular movie. Famous actress and socialite Paris Hilton prefers to wear blue colored contacts which enhance her iconic image. Similarly charismatic star Orlando Bloom wore blue colored contacts while playing the role of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As Color Contact Lens are advantageous in many occasions it can also lead to many disadvantages. There are sometimes when the colored part of the lens may slide over the pupil to some extent. In these cases you have to be quite aware while opting to buy a lens from an optical store. You can also consult an optician while choosing the proper color of the contact lens.
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