It wouldn't be hard to hide at all if they wanted to

16 Июня 2020 г.
More broadly, I am simply pointing out that its very hard to'conceal' an artificial constraint (at least one which produces a significant impact) on a marketplace if there's sufficient data available on the industry. Product prices and demand curves are quite revealing on stuff like that. There could be workarounds, such as obfuscating by using a list of items instead of just one which are randomly sel ected or randomly jumped around. But it would definitely be an issue for OP's design if executed word for word.

Make it an occurance that occurs in the close of the ditch. If in the end 10billion is tossed then the correlating GE sales of this arbitrary unknown thing are then purchased out. No notification of it happening in any way. No opportunity for abuse. To minimize abuse potential even farther I would also suggest making the buyouts occur at random intervals, to prevent people from only stockpiling random things and then posting them at 9.9percent over market place before the buyout happens. So if the buyouts are random its still possible to do that, but you'd be sacrificing all of your GE slots to get things sitting there all the time so that it would be more of a bet.

This is really difficult to'hide' from players, as sink tems could be identified almost instantly via aggregated GE data. It would be quite simple to develop an automated model to predict/identify them based on stuff like cost swings and trade volume. And identification fully expect if that were to go live as indicated sites such as'getracker' would put in a tool on their front page indicating these items.Why do you presume the items are being bought as the gp comes from or they simply wouldn't reveal trades done this way as part of the trading volume considering its not.

It wouldn't be hard to hide at all if they wanted to, there's an insane number of ways to achieve that. Doesn't make your premises right, because there's ways around it. I mean the items are purchased from someone right? Sell deals are being stuffed? I might be wrong on this but my assumption is the ge tracker websites take data from apps like runelite, or in certain way that is not data given straight from jagex. You are right they could conceal it if all information on sell/buy offers is obtained straight fr om some API jagex has direct control over, and there is no other means of getting it out of customers, but I do not think that's the situation.

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