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8 2019 .
The Seattle Seahawks host the Kansas City Chiefs in primetime this Sunday. The 5 Qs and 5 As is coming in late this week [url=]Authentic Rashaad Penny Jersey[/url] , so lets just jump right to it.I sent five Qs to someone at Arrowhead Pride and in kind someone sent me back five corresponding As. That someone to respond was John Dixon and here is what he told me about KCs defense, offense, Andy Reid, and his knowledge of Michael Dickson.Q: The Chiefs offense is number one in the NFL. Number one in points, yards, yards/attempt, TD%, DVOA, passing touchdowns. Its hard to believe Im going to throw a but... in this after scoring seven touchdowns in the last two games...BUT, the Chiefs have only scored seven touchdowns in the last two games, facing the Ravens and Chargers. Those games resulted in an OT win and a one-point loss. Kansas City does not appear to be a team capable of dominating (like they have for much of the season) when not scoring 30 points. So do you see this as merely a two-game sample size of underachieving or is the offense noticeably more vulnerable recently for any reason in particular, whether it be the release of Kareem Hunt, the injury to Sammy Watkins, teams getting a better read on Patrick Mahomes, or other?A: As so often happens, the answer is likely all of those things to one degree or another. Fr om our perspective, though, its about Watkins. Without him, the offense is a normal NFL offense with a really good quarterback and two really good receivers -- in the case of the Chiefs, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. But with Watkins on the field, the offense is a three-headed monster. Its just too difficult for defenses to account for all three of these receivers on every play. Even if they can, the Chiefs still have viable receiving options out of the backfield, too; even before Hunts release, Damien Williams and Spencer Ware had also made big plays in the passing game. Its not that the Chiefs dont have other receivers who can take Watkins place. They do. But Watkins is clearly on another level. Q: If KC is more beatable when scoring under 30 (as any team would be, but perhaps when you are this prolific, its worth further examination) then it obviously leads us to a question on the other side of the ball. The defense is 31st in yards [url=][/url] , 28th in points, 32nd in passing yards, 32nd in yards per carry, 27th in DVOA, 32nd in rush defense DVOA, It cant be for a total void of talent: Chris Jones, Dee Ford, Justin Houston, Kendall Fuller, and I believe I heard Orlando Scandrick was having a good season but perhaps Im incorrect there. Where are the major issues/problem areas on defense and how much did the return of Eric Berry last week affect the plan?A: The Chiefs defense isnt very good? You dont say! We never would have noticed! Its certainly true the team has given up a lot of yards and points, and the rushing defense has been awful. The Chiefs made multiple personnel moves in the offseason to shore up the run defense, and it hasnt worked. On paper, the addition of free agents like Anthony Hitchens and Xavier Williams -- and draft acquisitions like Derrick Nnadi and Breeland Speaks -- should have made a difference, but in the running game, they havent. Hitchens in particular has been a disappointment. In Bob Suttons scheme, he seems unable to play at the same level he did in Dallas; he seems confused and hesitant on the field. A large number of Chiefs fans believe Sutton is the problem -- that his scheme is too complicated for his players to execute... that he is unable to adjust... that the NFL has passed him by. For many fans, watching Eric Berry move players in the secondary into their proper positions during the first half of Thursdays game against the Chargers was the last straw; it was seen as a clear indication of Suttons inability to coach. But when Berry was on the field, there was no doubt the defense played much better -- even beyond Berrys personal contributions. If Berry can get to the point he can play full games, the Chiefs -- even with Bob Sutton as defensive coordinator -- could be very difficult to beat.Q: Andy Reid now has a firm reputation for inconsistency within seasons: KC started 5-0 last year, then fell to 6-6, then finished 10-6. KC started 2-2 in 2016, finished 12-4. In 2015, a 1-5 started ended with 10 straight wins. The year before that, 7-3 ended at 9-7 and out of the playoffs. In 2013, a 9-0 start ended at 11-5. The nice thing is that most of these seasons ended in playoffs but the negative side is that Reid has still only won one playoff game in that time. The Chiefs started 9-1 this year and after losing two of the last four, questions are popping up again: Will Reid fall backwards into the playoffs [url=][/url] , and worst of all, lose the one seed and division to the Chargers? How real or valid are these concerns, in the bigger picture? Do you believe its a pattern or a coincidence? How worried are you about this KC team today not looking like the KC team of September and October? If the Chiefs dont advance in the playoffs, how loud do the voices that want a change up top start to get?A: In 2013, the Chiefs schedule was backloaded; all the difficult teams were in the second half of the season. Two years later, the exact opposite was true: the difficult teams were in the first half of the season, and the easier teams were in the second half. That explains the hot and cold streaks of 2013 and 2015. As for this season, were as surprised as anyone. I personally predicted that the Chiefs would go 10-6 on the season -- 4-4 through the tough stretch at the beginning, and then 6-2 as Patrick Mahomes got more experience and the new players on defense started to gel. Mahomes was clearly much more NFL-ready in his first season as a starter than we realized, and the defense still hasnt figured it out. Yet here we are at 11-3, and still in control of our destiny in the playoffs. Fans of other teams may see inconsistency. What we see is a head coach who took a 2-14 team to the playoffs not just in his first year, but in four years out of five -- and has now found the quarterback we have all wanted for decades. If the Chiefs fail in the postseason, there will be plenty of voices calling for Bob Suttons removal -- many have hated him for almost the entire time he has been here -- but Andy Reid is here to stay. Q: Seahawks defensive tackle Jarran Reed has 8.5 sacks and is the most exciting player Seattle has had at the position in many years. I wont name the Seahawks DT that shall never draw comparisons fr om mortals, but lets just say that Reed is explosive, talented, and arguably the DT Pete Carroll has been searching for since he arrived in 2010. Chris Jones has 14 sacks and theyve all come in his last 10 games. I mean, 8 sacks is great, 12 sacks is fantastic, but once you start talking about 1+ sacks per game, especially from the DT position, you enter extremely rare territory. How good is Jones and how big is the concern around his injury? (For some reason P-F-R listed Jones with a shoulder injury but that does not appear to be the case anywhere else, hence why I addressed it and why is is addressed below) Related: How long do you expect Jones, Ford, and Houston to occupy the same defense?A: Chris Jones is a force of nature. Even if he was injured -- which he isnt -- hed be making sacks from the sidelines. Hes always been supremely gifted, but this season hes figured it out. He came into camp with a new attitude, has responded well to coaching [url=]Seattle Seahawks T-Shirt[/url] , and now its paying off. With Jones and Dee Ford, the Chiefs have what is arguably the most disruptive inside/outside pass rush duo theyve had since Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith in the early 1990s. The Chiefs will definitely have some hard choices to make with regard to their top pass rushers in 2019 and beyond, but I think well see at least one more season with Jones, Ford and Houston playing together.Q: Normally this is wh ere I would ask you if youve heard of Michael Dickson. This is normal. Have you heard of Michael Dickson?A: Yes. I went to high school with him. He still owes me $20. Do you have his address? Josh Rosen appreciated the widespread positive reviews for his performance in his first NFL start last Sunday.His self-criticism, though, centered on the final score."If I could play worse and win, I'd take that every time," Rosen said.The Cardinals lost at home to Seattle 20-17 on Sebastian Janikowski's 52-yard field goal as the game ended to fall to 0-4, the first time they've done that since 1986, two years before the franchise moved to Arizona from St. Louis.But even with his team winless, the 21-year-old Rosen is full of confidence as he prepares to play on the road against San Francisco on Sunday. That's just his way, he said after the team practiced Wednesday."I'm a very confident person," Rosen said. "Even if I have no reason to, I'll find a way to fool myself into going out there with full confidence that we're going to win every single game we play. Every time I step on the field, I expect to throw a touchdown or hand off a touchdown or lead the team to the end zone in some way. In my head, if I don't, it's a surprise and something's wrong and we've got to fix it so that we do next time."Rosen completed 15 of 27 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions against the Seahawks. Coach Steve Wilks said the Cardinals could open up the playbook a bit for his young quarterback's next start."We're going to continue to give Josh what he can handle," Wilks said. "I think, again, he gives us the opportunity to be able to do a lot of things on the offensive side of the ball. I think you guys saw that a little bit on Sunday %?just with the boots, getting outside of the pocket, all those things, his athleticism, to be able to avoid the rush a little bit and buy time to get the ball down the field."So, we want to try and make sure that we give him everything that he can handle, and most importantly [url=]Seattle Seahawks Hats[/url] , not try to restrict him at all."Rosen, who describes himself as "a happy person," was pretty much always smiling Sunday, even as he was encouraging the receivers who collectively dropped five passes."I got in the locker room, and regardless of who did what or whatever %?I blew some too %?and everyone was like, 'Screw it. Next week, let's roll,'" he said.Rosen was even quick to talk to Phil Dawson, the 43-year-old kicker who missed a 45-yard field goal that would have given the Cardinals the lead with 1:50 to go."I think that speaks a lot about his leadership," Dawson said. "Here's a rookie making his first start and he comes up to the second-oldest guy in the league and offers encouragement. I was impressed by that and I think this whole locker room benefits from that."Wilks has watched Rosen smoothly take over as starter from Sam Bradford and the rookie seems a comfortable fit from the start."His ability to not let things phase him," Wilks said. "Of course, a lot of criticism came when I threw him in the game (late against Chicago) at that particular moment, but I'm not worrying about the outside noise. I know what he can handle. I know how he's wired in the short period of time I've been around him, and he showed that going into the game last week. It just filters throughout the team, his confidence."With Rosen, it always comes back to confidence. Wh ere did it come from?"I don't know," he said. "Growing up in youth sports, playing tennis and all that, you're by yourself out there, so you've just got to be confident. Even if you're not, you at least have to play the part and try to keep pushing until something good happens, then you start to gain it and keep going."So, I don't know. It's just kind of who I am. Not even football, but anything. I'm very confident in what I do. Even if I'm not, I'll act like I am."
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