9 Октября 2019 г.
Just Keto Diet Set aside time for exercise Studies have proven that lack of time is no longer an excuse for sedentary lifestyle. One of them, conducted by the National Institute of Health Research in Taiwan, revealed that practicing 15 minutes of daily exercise reduces the risk of death by 14% and increases life expectancy by up to three years. But do not just take the first step. Try to invest in a more intense activity, lasting one hour, which does not correspond to 4% of your time in a whole day! Qualify your sleep Sleep is related to the maintenance and conservation of energy, maturation of the central nervous system, strengthening of the immune system, consolidation of memory and learning, secretion and release of hormones (growth hormone, insulin, among others), thermoregulatory function, relaxation and rest of the musculature. But sleep is not always easy. Stress and poor diet interfere with sleep quality. The time that each person needs to sleep is just a general estimate, since each body and lifestyle are unique: adults, six to eight hours, and children, from nine to 11 hours. "While you sleep, the body decreases the production of cortisol and adrenaline, controlling the stress." Weight loss is another issue also related to sleep.When we sleep the production of leptin, satiety hormone, increases, and that of ghrelin, hormone of appetite, falls.That is, adequate sleep regulates our system, decreasing the desire to attack the refrigerator the next day, "says Dr. Barakat. Take some time off for some hobby When you withdraw or diminish from your life an act that gives you pleasure, you need something to occupy and replace it. Otherwise, you will begin to have impulsive behaviors and lose control. Then acts like cooking, going to the movies, listening to new music, starting to attend the gym, studying or even creating a pet are some of the options to avoid depression.
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