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26 Марта 2020 г.
Автор: (cecilia) cecilia
You read that title right, Richard Mille has released a luxury watch with features that can add color to the love life of a couple. The name of this watch is RM 69 (oh, please ...) an erotic tourbillon. This is not the only porn-inspired watch ever made, and it may not be the last. The most famous work is jaquemarts, this watch shows real sex while recording real time. Richard Mille watches not only have exquisite movements, they also have complex movements. They make watches that admire the wearer and can be used in the real world. Rafa Nadal can see this in court when he is wearing Richard Mille. The task seems to be to make a watch with a real purpose. So where does RM 69 fit all of this? Okay, really simple. If you don't watch porn, they just create an interactive toy and you can have some fun in it. This piece demonstrates your taste and sense of humor in the watch, giving the wearer a conversation starter on his wrist.


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