14 Мая 2019 г.
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Provexum UK If you use 100 grams of cheese or cottage cheese daily, the risk of tooth decay during pregnancy and after childbirth will decrease many times. Men are better to add to your diet foods that contain enough protein. Take a multivitamin is not necessary if your table is quite diverse. But when planning pregnancy in the winter or spring, when the amount of vitamins in food decreases, you can drink away the course, in consultation with your doctor. A couple of months before conception, start taking folic acid, vitamin E and iodine preparations (also on the advice of a doctor). A few months before the alleged conception, consult a gynecologist. Remember in advance all your chronic and hereditary diseases, prepare the results of examinations, tests and ultrasound (if any). The doctor will give you directions for blood and urine tests, blood tests for sugar and for HIV, hepatitis, uterus ultrasound, etc. It is especially important to be examined for violations of the menstrual cycle, after missed abortion, abortion, miscarriage. Before pregnancy, it is necessary to cure inflammatory diseases, infections, undergo a course of treatment of chronic diseases, since they often cause complications during pregnancy. We all love pleasant surprises. But do not always think about the consequences. If you and your partner are burning with desire and rush into each other's arms at the first opportunity, then sometimes this can bring not only joy fr om momentary intimacy, but also frustration or pain of losing something truly more valuable. You can have sex anytime, anywhere. The main thing is that both partners agree on such a rapid development of events. And if they are, moreover, connected by long intimate relationships, then the joy of a sudden merger can increase many times over. For example, if the spouses suddenly became overwhelmed with the desire to have sex right in the kitchen while cooking dinner or in the entrance without an elevator, somewh ere between the fourth or fifth floor. The possibility that someone may accidentally catch partners reveling at each other at the most inopportune moment usually only stirs up passions.
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