9 Ноября 2019 г.
Тема: Работа
Empowered Boost So, we remembered something, but how does the hormone act on your body? And it happens like this: under the influence of an external stimulus, for example, some danger, the brain sends a nerve impulse to the crushed gland - the adrenal gland. In response to this signal, the adrenal gland will release the hormone necessary for this case - adrenaline. And here radical changes in the work of some organs will begin: the motor activity of the intestines and stomach will stop, the heart will beat faster, glycogen in the liver will begin to split, which in turn will cause an additional influx of energy, muscle tone will increase sharply - all this is the result action of the hormone adrenaline. In general, the adrenal gland can produce more than 40 types of different hormones. They increase the efficiency of muscles, promote their recovery after fatigue, neutralize toxic substances that could enter the body along with food, help the body adapt to cold, heat, starvation, lack of oxygen, increased radiation, etc. Based on all of the above, it becomes obvious that muscle growth after training also occurs under the influence of hormones. But which ones? Of course, those who contribute to such a process as anabolism (muscle cell growth). That is why, among many hormonal drugs, athletes very often opt for anabolic steroids - synthetic analogues of testosterone. Many bodybuilders are sure that only anabolics will give them the desired increase in muscle mass. However, given the fact that regular steroid use can cause cancer, cause impotence and destroy the liver, the mere fact of buying these “miraculous” drugs is completely stupid.
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