The cloud is the messenger of the sky

25 Сентября 2018 г.
The cloud is the messenger of the sky, the elf of the sky, the master of the sky. Without the cloud, the sky will lose its grandeur, its beauty, and lose people's yearning and reverie.ite, soft, soft white clouds are both fascinating and seemingly difficult to ponder <a href="">Parliament Cigarettes</a>. All day in the blue sky, it creates its own "poetic and artistic meaning." Look, the piles, pieces, and clouds of white clouds, sometimes gather, sometimes scattered; sometimes thick, sometimes light; sometimes white, sometimes gray, constantly showing their beauty and nobleness in the sky.look at the white clouds in the sky, as if you think about what you should be, in order to dress the sky more beautifully. She became a dancing butterfly for a while, and then became a flying eagle; it became a beautiful and colorful flower in a while, and it became a wave in the sea in a while; it became a mountain stack in a while, and became a horse in a while. . I was thinking, when she would become something in the next step <a href="">Carton Of Marlboro Reds</a>, the sky suddenly appeared. A sheep who was only grazing on the big grassland, while eating, kept looking around, as if looking for the next one <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Price</a>. Grassland! I guess they must be the sheep of the group "Good sheep don't eat the grass"! When I was looking at God <a href="">Marlboro Menthol 100S</a>, a gust of wind blew, and the white clouds of the sky were ruthlessly blown awer entering the area for a while, I almost went up the mountain. The road hovers. Along the way, the Ie bottom of the well", I thought that this is the true face of the entire Zhangguan the outer hole! The crystal clear groundwater, like a ribbon, flows in a meandering manner. The color of the water is different. The water flowing on this riverbed is brownish gray, and the water in the next section becomes white again. In fact, this is not a change in water, but a change in the rock that carme are like the girl's eyelashes, thin and long, dense and dense; some like terraces; Some are like mountain sacs; others are like rolling hills... And famous stones will have a vivid and beautiful name, such as: water terracotta warriors, sea gods, sacred horses, rhinoceros moon and so on. What impressed me the most was the stone named "Conch Island". "Conch Island" is a large stone. When you look at the stone, you don't see his peculiarities. However, when you look at it again <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>, there is a slender stone on the island. If you look from the side, It��s like watching the Buddha��s hands clasp together, and her two boys are under her knees. So vivid, so beautiful, so delicate! Even the great art big Rodin can't portray such magnificent works! I can't help but admire the wonders of nature.
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