Autumn in October. Dangui

20 Октября 2018 г.
Autumn in October. Dangui fragrance, we are welcoming the annual school sports meeting. When I came to the playground, the scene of the scene made me feel excited. Running, high jump, sandbags... There are athletes everywhere sweating and fighting hard.nderful without waiting. At 8:30 in the morning, I was uneasy to come to the long jump. Although the "battlefield" has been seen many times []Newport Cigarettes[/url], the "stressful ghost" is still in my heart. This time, I want to compare with last year��s long jump champion, Zhuangshu of our class. The gold medal is definitely hopeless. I only hope to get a sixth. The game started and the athletes jumped one by one. "6306!" Come to me, but my feet don't listen, I tremble with a sigh of relief, and my heart is like fifteen buckets - seven up and down. "6306!" The referee called me for the second time. At this moment, my ear rang the resounding sound of the clouds: "Xu Rui refueling... Asahi refueled..." Wu Junchu opposite the sand pit excitedly slammed his feet and shouted I broke the scorpion and cheered for me, as if he was an athlete. The refueling of the students made me full of strength []Marlboro Gold[/url]. I thought: "Come on, can't let the students down!" I lifted my foot, opened my thigh, rushed to the springboard, and slammed my right leg []Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], 3 meters 56! Not bad! This is my heart full of hope. The more I fought the more brave, the two hops came from the front: first 3.68, then 3.80. I successfully entered the finals with the third place in the preliminary round. The flames in my heart are starting to smash: As long as I adjust my state, I am sure I can get a second, hehe! final is also a three-hop, but the three jumps are significant: if successful, they will enter the top eight, or even the top three; if not, they will be eliminated. The first tense of tension began. The first quick-running run-up was about to pedal. Suddenly, the gunshots of the 200-meter final in the four-year period scared me a lot. I didn��t play well, and the score dropped []Marlboro Red 100S[/url], only 3. 44. I pinned all my hopes on the last two hops. The tree climbed last year and the first one was 3.91. Others also jumped well. The second round began. I adjusted my state and played the spirit of twelve points. I put all my strength into my hands and feet. Stretching your feet forward, your arms are swaying, you are struggling, your body is flexing, you hope to jump better and make a breakthrough. Unfortunately, the balance could not be mastered, the landing on the foot was unstable, the center of gravity fell []Marlboro Lights[/url], and a dog was licked. I want to have a reporter at the scene, take my "bear-like" photograph, come to a close-up, send it to Weibo, the click rate is definitely high! Although it fell, but there is progress 3.81! I lined up again, licking my arms, kicking my kicks, preparing to show my talents in the final jump and win medals. The last hop came, I am gearing up, overdrafting all my physical strength to run and bounce. But contrary to expectations, my jump not only stepped on the blue board foul, but also paid a heavy price - the bus was hit by a knee. If there is no foul this time, it will break through 4 meters. At that time, I couldn't wait for the forefoot to be five centimeters less, so that I could get a third. Although not the fifth place this time, it is already good. I think of a sentence that students often encourage: try your best. The tree climbed to 4.14 to win again.year is our last year in this school. This sports meeting is our last time to participate in the primary school sports. For our sixth graders, the results are no longer important. What is important is the beauty we have left here. Memories.

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