When we were young, we

21 Ноября 2018 г.
When we were young, we often played a game: let a person close his eyes, then let others hide something, then let the person open his eyes and look for that thing. When that person approaches the hidden thing, he applauds, the closer he gets The louder, the farther, the smaller the applause.he same time, my friends and I were playing this game again. The game started, the partners hid things in the yard, and I was locked in the room and looked after by a partner - they were afraid that I would come out and peek. After a while, I hid it, I ran out of the room and groped around in the yard. One minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed... I was dying, why haven't I found it? Is it a lie? The companions snickered and looked at me. I walked aimlessly in the yard. When I passed a pot of "rich bamboo," the applause suddenly sounded. I stepped back and the applause became smaller. I went further to the rich bamboo [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Cigarettes Online Store[/url], and the applause became loud. I opened the rich bamboo and saw a small gift box. I was excited to take out the small gift box and asked, "Is this?" The friends said: "No, but only Part of it." I opened the leaves again and continued to look for it. The applause was getting louder and louder. I even saw that a companion��s hand was red. Finally, I found a candy. My companions were very happy for me [url=www.cigarettesss.com]Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url], excited to say : "Yes, this is it!" I am very happy, and quickly peeled off the candy paper, one person divided into small pieces, eaten! It tastes so sweet! Everyone laughs! fact, isn��t this the reality? Everyone is looking for success. Whenever they are nearing success, someone will applaud you and shout "Come on!" They are not just "audiences" but also your guide. The closer you are to success, the louder the applause is, and the more they encourage you, however, as you move toward the other side of success, they begin to help others to succeed.n you are successful, please don't forget those who have applauded for you: your teacher [url=www.852stock.com]Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale[/url], he helps you learn, encourages you to test good grades; your mother, she teaches you to learn all aspects of morality, let you do one in the future "The person with virtue"; your parents, let you read the four books and five classics [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Newports 100[/url], understand the astronomy, geography, history, culture; even your brother and sister, you can be your good guide, they teach you how to be elders, how Learn to "care for others", "love others"... All of this, and those who are always around you, are helping people, applauding people [url=www.cigarettesss.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Sale[/url], please don't forget them! Give them the most sincere heart to thank them! the applause sounds, please don't forget that they are all people who have helped you. They help you grow and help you learn. Let me say with the most sincere heart: "Thank you very much, let me learn a lot." More life philosophy, accompanying me to grow up all the time!"
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