throw the cat into the s

13 Декабря 2018 г.
throw the cat into the sky, only to hear the "beep", the cat was fell On the ground. "Hey, why don't you fly? Oh, I know. It must be that you are not attentive []Newport Cigarette Price[/url]. I am on the second floor and give you some pressure to see if you are not focused!" I said to the kitten. I took the kitten to the balcony on the second floor and prepared to continue my "experiment" on the balcony on the second floor []Cigarette Wholesale Prices[/url]. I came to the balcony and licked the kitten: "You must concentrate, come on!" I touched the kitten. When I was about to throw it, I thought that if I couldn��t fly like it, then my cat would not Has it become a "disabled cat"? No. I saw the rope hanging on the wall and decided to tie the kitten's foot with a rope. "One, two, three." I threw the kitten into the sky as I did just now. This time it fell like that, and worse than it was, the rope was broken. I only heard the scream of the kitten "squeaky", as if to say: "Save me, little master!" I looked at the kitten anxiously but helplessly. Just right, the grandfather of the next door is taking a walk and pulling the kitten back from the edge of life and death. Grandpa Wang hugged the kitten, and I hurried down the floor, thanking Grandpa Wang. Grandpa Wang asked me about the matter, and I told Wang Grandpa truthfully. Grandpa Wang listened, and his tears were about to flow down. I looked at Grandpa Wang, like a monk in the second place. Unreasonably asked Grandpa Wang: "What happened?" Grandpa Wang told me the difference between cat and bird []Newports 100S Price[/url]... "Oh, I suddenly realized." I touched the kitten and said to the kitten: "I'm sorry. , Kitty, I will not let you
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