This year my family has tw

8 Января 2019 г.
This year my family has two big happy events. First, move into a new home. The second is to buy a private car. The new changes in my family are a microcosm of the new changes in Nanjingchanges in Nanjing in recent years can be big. If you leave Nanjing for a year and a half, when you come back, there must be many places that you can't recognize. My experience, I want to talk from my father and mother.s a Sunday in the spring of this year. It was a bright day in spring. The grass grows long, the wind and the wind are warm, the birds are fragrant, and the green is full. Our family drove to the China Green Expo Park in the Hexi New District. We took this ��landscape gallery�� in the new white car that Dad bought. My mother and I pointed and said, laughing and laughing, constantly praising the trees, flowers, sculptures, lakes along the way. Dad told us: "The blue lake you see is actually an artificial lake. In the past, it was a stinking ditch filled with rubbish and mosquitoes. This tree-lined green park It was built on the wasteland slope little by little. After people's unremitting efforts, the Hexi area has become the modern ecological new area of ??today's sky blue water and blue. This is really a big building, big and powerful..." With Dad��s explanation, I seem to have seen the design scenes of people��s engineering designers who have spent the night fighting, forgetting to sleep, and seemingly seeing the construction scene of the workers�� masters sweating and raining... ��It��s amazing!�� Dad��s praise interrupted. My thoughts. This sentence is "great!" Doesn't you say my heart!e came to the Olympic Sports Center. With excitement, my mom and dad enjoyed the new look of the stadium. Swimming pool, tennis court, basketball hall... Every time we visit a visit, we are all interested in photography. "The Olympics are amazing!", "It's a boutique building!" In the sigh of sigh, we came to the main stadium. "The opening ceremony of the '10th National Games last year' was held here. This stadium can accommodate more than 64 []Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online[/url],000 people,..." Dad proud of his beautiful baritone. Introduced. My mother said with emotion: "The great change of Nanjing is really amazing!" I used to learn about the construction of the Olympic Sports Center from newspapers and TV. After I visited the site today, I felt really good and worthy of the construction of Nanjing City. Highlights!the Olympic Sports Center, we drove to Nanjing New Railway Station, Saihong Bridge Overpass, Nanjing Third Bridge... I feel that the changes in Nanjing today are truly amazing. As a Nanjing student, I am very proud. As a primary school student, I am We must study hard and grow up to contribute to Nanjing's urban construction []Marlboro 100'S Carton[/url], urban civilization, and urban harmony!uds can be seen everywhere. As soon as you look up on the street, you will see the clouds. I really like the cloud because it is not only endless, but also brings laughter to the children.ds, changeable, change this for a while, change it for a while, let people see, dazzled. One afternoon, I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep. So, I appreciate the cloud []Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online[/url]. The cloud is like a dog, followed by four puppies, which are chasing after the big dog. I am changing when I feel interesting. Turning into an endless sea, I can see it. Ah, as if standing by a coconut tree and sunbathing. In a short time, it becomes a dragon. The dragon is a good thing for China. Looking at it, I seem to find that the two tentacles of the dragon are moving, and I am drinking a glass of white wine. Oh, that is my fantasy.u will laugh and even be puzzled. Just one afternoon, when I found out that the clouds would move slowly []Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa[/url], I felt that I was really amazing and found such a big secret. Later, I learned about the cloud and realized that the cloud is not a "mysterious thing." The change of the cloud is related to the water vapor and the wind on the earth; sometimes, the clouds in the sky are too thick, andcloud is not only endless []Make Newport 100[/url], but it also makes children curious and loves nature. Ah, white clouds, I like you.
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