Grandma has been dead f

19 Февраля 2019 г.
Grandma has been dead for 9 years. In the past nine years, the world has undergone earth-shaking changes. However, my thoughts and memories of my grandmother have not changed at all, and they have deepened. The grief of the unforgettable 9 years ago is still faint. Grandma, can you have a good time in heaven? Do you know that I miss you all the time? Every time I sleep, my grandmother��s voice and smile will appear in my mind. When she is alive, I will play games with young children. I bought a lot of things to eat, I sew new clothes for young people, tell stories to young people... Give me the deepest kindness and care for my young, how touching it is! Remember when Grandma left, I am only 6 years old. Although I don��t know about the world, I know that my grandmother��s death means that she has left me forever. At that time, I was also in tears. After so many years, the number of things I miss is increasing, but the one I miss mostd the like, but a small bird, a reiki bird. One day in the summer of three years ago, my mother came home from her school and took back a small nestling bird that she could not find at home, so she took it home. This is a big surprise for me who like small animals. I love this cute little bird and love it. Every day I spend a lot of time with my mother to take care of it, so that my mother once worried that I was "playing things." The bird is not afraid of being unfamiliar. It will not be long before I adapt to life in my home. Sometimes I will not play on my shoulders and palms []Newports Cigarettes Online Cartons[/url]. Gradually, under my "rendering" []Usa Newport Supplier[/url], it actually learned to drink milk, and sometimes even jumped into the water to wash the bath. Looking back now, I still can't help myself. Although I know that this kind of indoor life and artificial feeding is not good for the birds, it should have returned to nature, but I really don't give up, it brings me joy is nothing compared to anything []Buy Trumpo Online And Free Shipping[/url]. What I didn't think of was that on the day of the summer vacation that year, when it accidentally flew out while playing in the window, it never flew back. In those few days, I cried my eyes and squatted on the window sill every day, hoping that it would fly back, but no. The days are gone. Until today, when I think about this past event, my heart still can��t stop feeling sad. How much I missed the little bird that accompanied me for more than two months. Bird, wherof fun in the pool." Time has come to 2004 without leaving any traces. The only thing left for me in the past is nostalgia and memories. I miss the good of the past, remember the bad of the past []Buy Ciggarettes Bulk[/url], miss me in the past, miss the simplicity of the past, the happiness of attachment to the past, the friends who miss the past, the friends of the past, the ease of the past, the past days, the past flowers and plants. I have nostalgia for the past, and I am attached to everything in the past. They have all gone far, they have become yesterday and have become the past. I am really thinking about it. Missing is a group of hemp []Marlboro Red 100'S Wholesale[/url], cut constantly, and it is still chaotic...
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