The single in the earpho

19 Февраля 2019 г.
The single in the earphone loops through the soda green "I miss you", so I suddenly miss you inadvertently! You understand, I just like to miss people like this! Just like I miss you now!member when I was in the hour <a href="">Marboro Cigerettes For Sale</a>, I always loved to wait for my parents to come to the window. You will always pick me up and tell me, "I love you more than they." I will always tell you, I love you too. ! Later, I grew up. Whenever you always love to give me two little sister-in-laws, wear a floral dress for me, and then everyone will say that it is my granddaughter! You also praise me beautiful. At that time, I always loved to laugh proudly! Later, I left you and went back to my parents to go to school. You always want me to take care of myself! I rarely go back to see you since I went to school <a href="">Cigarette Wholesaler Price</a>. Every time I see you, I feel a lot older! Time has changed, I have changed, but you still have not changed, you love me very much, love, love! That summer, you were sick. I am always afraid that you will leave me, but you always smile and tell me that nothing is wrong, your smile makes me feel warm, I firmly believe that you will accompany me for a long time! But you still have to leave! At that time I began to look for your shadow in the memories! You are very tall in memory <a href="">Cheap Newports C</a>, have a straight back, no old age, you are very beautiful, always dress yourself very spirit, you like to buy all kinds of beautiful clothes, like to drink old Qinghai yogurt, like to eat artichokes and Sweet potato, like to listen to the Qin chamber, like... After you passed away for a long time, they said that when you are sick, you always love to recite me, saying that I don��t come to see you, that you miss me very much <a href="">Buy Ciggarettes Bulk</a>, that you dream of me! Finally, you left with your chanting and care for me! I remember that on the day of your funeral, too many people were crying! I cried very little. I kept my blame on your coffin again and again. I regret not being able to spend more time with you. I regret not taking care of you before your sick bed. I regret not seeing you last. There are too many things, I regret it... In fact, my last regret is that I don��t love you very much! You promised me to watch me go to college; you promised me to watch me wear a white wedding dress and be the most beautiful bride; you promised me to watch me happy! But these <a href="">Buy Cigarettes From Casino In Usa</a>, you can't do it! Please forgive me for not doing anything to promise you! I have become silent since you left. I learned to go to everything alone; after you left, I was not in the opposite direction with my mother, because I felt that I should love her for you; after you left, I was not skipping classes and doing bad things because I didn��t want you to let go. !ught a lot of nail polish this summer, but I hope that one bottle is for you to pick me up; this summer, I ate a lot of ice cream, but I hope I can eat it with you once a year; this summer, I I have a ponytail, but I hope that you can help me once again. I miss you, we have been separated for too long; I miss you, I miss your smile, I miss your taste, I miss you everything! I am without you, after all, it is only one person; I am not alone without you; I am nothing without you; I am only myself without you! you have been away for three years! You may have already returned, but I still can't let it go! Sorry, please forgive me! I want to tell you, I love you more than you love me more love you! I hope you can hear it! Finally, may you be treated with tenderness in another world!
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