"Sadness", after

19 Марта 2019 г.
"Sadness", after death, gradually disappeared and the love of Zijun, I believe that many people will have some feelings and think [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Carton Of Cigarettes Newport[/url]. Their tragedy is the mistake of the twins or the mistake of the son? However, the inner insides of love are always different opinions. Who is right and who can easily explain it, and let everyone be convinced? At this moment Of course, I can't say it clearly. If you have enough water to express your feelings, don't walk into Lop Nur and live with love. "I always hear the so-called poor couples mourning, of course, their grief is subjective and objective. There are not a few discussions on "Sadness of the Past", and I don't want to mention it again. Those of the May Fourth background, social guidance Anything, even if I push out some so-called "wise" words at this moment, I can't help myself feel that "four are not like." At this moment, I just want to briefly talk about my own simple understanding of it [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Cartons Of Newports[/url]. As for the logic of this theory is What, I also have my own answer, then it may be that the thinking and sentimental thinking in the reading process is that the twins loved not to love Zijun? This is Lu Xun��s only love story. How can there be no love? After I saw these two paragraphs, I really made a doubt and hate the son of the long class who wore the cloth shoes, which is not like the shoes of the sons. I hate the shoes that are too like the shoes of the sons. In the neighboring house, the little things that wiped the cream!" In my thought, the twins are really a man of love, and the sense of the shoes of the heart can be so meticulous. He should love her, and love is so warm. When he heard Zijun say "I am my own, and none of them interferedalso ashamed to be. Then began the "good" cohabitation life of the yearning. The days of happiness are not too long. However, this hindrance factor comes from the outside world. It is far from being complicated and profound and gradually awake to read her body, her soul, but for three weeks, I seem to have been more Understand, to uncover many of the previous thoughts of understanding and now it seems that it is a barrier, that is, the so-called true separation of this, inexplicably a trace of sorrow, the reason, the incomprehensible, sad, is indeed true. Perhaps this man has read her body and mind in just three weeks, perhaps this man, twin, has indeed confirmed this so-called diaphragm. When you are determined to think that this diaphragm exists, then it must exist. Of course, I am more standing on the position of Zijun to look at the problem, and a little bias is also inevitable. He said: "Love must always be updated, grown, created." I think, maybe there is the next sentence, otherwise, it will deteriorate! Love changes, heart, and nature also change. The question is back, why do you love the child without love? If you love it, you will have so many complicated sentiments. It��s just that love, it��s too rash, it��s too sloppy to ask a question, the remorse of the twins, what is this remorse? Is it so rashly guiding the child to fall into his love, start easily? Later, shouldn��t go to show her with her, and put the unacceptable things directly in front of her? Of course, there are many frictions and contradictions in the medium term, pet oil chickens become dinner, and loyal A��s life is abandoned. . Deaf students wrote "The position of man in the universe" and lamented his position, but I can do it between the dog and the chicken. I want to write down my remorse and sorrow, for the son, for myself. "This is the opening sentence of "Sadness of the Past". It is also the finishing touch I think. This handwritten note may be remorse, but it is more of a death message of sorrow, he is known from others. He Wrote that "One day is a gloomy morning, the sun can't struggle out of the clouds, and even the air is tired. "A good rendering, a little blessing, twins, how is his mood, should he be sorry? Or should I regret that the most lethal for me is the description of Ai: the hovering A small animal, thin, half-dead, full of earthy... is a accompaniment, it is back, twins, one love loses its own personality, one love is too idealized, Ignore the reality. I don't really want to judge the dark side of the so-called contradictory selfishness of the twins, because the dead is the son, the son of the twin, but not necessarily the twin of the son [url=www.sellcigarette.com]Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url]. He said: "I am willing to have a so-called ghost [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Cheap Smokes Free Shipping[/url]. There is really a so-called hell, then, even in the hurricane roar, I will find the prince. In the face of my remorse and sorrow, pray for her forgiveness, otherwise, the poisonous flame of hell will surround me, violently burn my regrets and sorrow, death, will it be exciting? Then, I think, Zijun The death is not completely unfortunate. At least, the regrets and hate of the twins, in my opinion, should be regarded as sincere and enthusiastic, then Zijun, should not blame him, after all, Zijun��s whole body and mind and love are twinning, otherwise, she Will not choose to leave, she will not die, but decided to fall in love, just love, but also understand that if love is not updated from time to time [url=www.sellcigarette.com]Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price[/url], it can only, today, you are dying in the injury, tomorrow, I regret in love, Repentance and sorrow, this is the death of the twins, but also the death of Zijun.
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