Yesterday, one

19 Марта 2019 г.
Yesterday, one day's physical and mental exhaustion, after watching TV for a while after dinner <a href="">Newport 100 Cigarettes</a>, I simply washed it, and I slept early at 6 am, and made breakfast as usual. My wife is going to work, I am going to leave. Today seems to be a little different <a href="">Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons</a>. After getting out of bed, I obviously feel more relaxed. I put on my apron and went to the kitchen <a href="">Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online</a>. Soon after I had a dish and a soup, I added a steamed bun to the pot. I was very interested in the two pots of the study. Trimming, because the dense stems and leaves have climbed from the high bookshelf to the ground. Use the scissors to cut the green radish, carefully cut it, and ins ert it in to the pre-prepared pot. Because this green radish is easy to live, it is light and simple, and the bag of the online shopping bag is taken out. I met a primary school student in the same building downstairs. After seeing me, I was very polite. "Grandpa is good!" I also smiled and waved my hand. "Hello!" Today, although it is cloudy, the mood is not like the previous one, encountering bad weather. The depression is coming, but it feels a little refreshing. Whether in the courtyard or on the road, the ground looks surprisingly clean and clear, and the holly spruce on the roadside is more green. The air also exudes the fragrant scent of the green grass and the green leaves, looking at the distant mountains, the sinuous mountains, the light clouds, like waterfalls rolling down from the mountains, white silk satin-likely coiled green on the mountainside Among them. The traffic from the south to the north, the bustling crowd, the face is also filled with rare peace and joy. With a full of pleasure, I got on the 29 bus. Because, I have to go to the hospital to give my father the men, the young and the old on the pharmacy. It doesnээt look like the past. Itээs a bit of a sullen look. It seems to be both modest and happy, and the bus is no longer crowded. The old man gave up. On the car, I stepped on a woman's foot and expressed an apology. The woman did not have a cross-brow, but nodded, with a shallow smile. The bus master is also a lot softer, and every movement is so comfortable, so that the passengers feel safe and feel at home. The car is playing Zhang Xueyou's "Keeping Autumn Color", "Retain every autumn, like a hot flame, gently infiltrate in your heart, forget every frustrated story, hold in the stars, keep each One day, the blue sky is like an endless dream..." The harmonious atmosphere inside the car is accompanied by the soft love of light music, and I went to the hospital site without knowing it. The hospital's medical treatment on the medical platform, today looks like the face is so splendid and warm, indicating the intention of taking medicine, and soon according to the name of the drug, Ma Li's computer card. At the drug taking place, Changlongээs lineup was orderly and there was no hustle and bustle <a href="">Cartons Of Cigarettes Wholesale</a>. The staff of the medicine company, smiling service, make the family members feel deeply warm. The methodical treatment of medicine, not long time, is satisfied and return to the sky is still faint yin, the air does not have a little suffocating feeling, the ground seems to have fresh light. Out of the courtyard door, I quickly got on the 29-way car, the less crowded car, a student-like girl, got up and polite, "Grandpa, please sit down!" "Thank you!" I said, full of car Good eyes, it seems that your heart is filled with thick love. Sitting in the car, looking out the window, shopping malls, banks, schools, high-rises, buildings..., with clear beauty, flashed past. The traffic lights that are usually not noticed also seem to be so flashing. Unconsciously, more than a dozen stations passed, and the parade site of the peach blossoms in the scenic spot, when it arrived, the door opened smoothly, first down and then on, and then got off the train. The mobile phone QR code swept a shared bicycle at a site, only listening to the "hey!", just like the military service of the soldiers, the lock was opened immediately. Backed up the schoolbag, stepped on the car, and went to the parents' residence a few miles away. I easily and happily rode up to my parents' home and saw that my father was sitting on the sofa. After the illness, his face showed a rare smile and looked sick. A lot better. In the afternoon <a href="">Newport Short</a>, in the heavens and the land of Jinan, although there was a light rain, after the lunch break, Long Yingtaiээs "Three Books of Life", "Seeing", was taken out from the bag. On the sofa in front of the window, the book is opened. The raindrops outside the window rhythmically beat the pots and pots in the yard. The breeze floats on the branches and leaves of the eucalyptus. It shakes and shakes. It seems to enjoy the moisture given by nature. I canээt help but immerse myself in the nourishment of the book. I suddenly understand. My reason for being so beautiful. I was born by the heart, I learned to let go. Put it down, not down. Let go, open your mind and be refreshed. Without fantasy, I went to distracting thoughts, my heart was bright, I was free, I thought, let go of a narrow heart, inflated greed, inexhaustible selfishness, cynical cynicism, boring resentment
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