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1 Апреля 2019 г.
Today's topic, I want to start from this "Love in the Cholera Period". I heard someone recommend this book, which was in a talk show. At the time of the show, a couple of male and female guests came. The man had waited for the woman for twenty years, but still did not wait for the love of the woman. The woman advised him to let go and ask him to seek another happiness, but the man could not let go. He said that he did not believe that the woman had never loved him for so many years. At the end of the program, he was asked about his future plans. He said that he would not give up. He had to wait until then, and the host recommended him the love of the cholera period. He said that when he really understood the book, the man would have a new understanding of love and waiting. After that, I bought the book and read it in one fell swoop. I fell in love with Arisa, although they are not so good at home birth or identity background, Ariza is the best love that Fermina can imagine. Because before this, Fermina had not been exposed to any man other than Ariza who might bring her love. Later, Fermina spent three years in the arrangement of her father. In three years, they all suffered. The love of Acacia, the miss of each other is their greatest consolation in the days of separation. Young Fermina has thought that her love with Ariza will be sweet as ever. Three years later []Cheapest Cigarette Cartons[/url], Fermina finally came back []Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale[/url]. When she saw Ariza, who was thinking about it again, she suddenly found out that the poor boy standing in the sun was no longer the way she imagined love. It is. Ariza is still Alisha three years ago, and she is not Ferminna three years ago. Fermina has decided to give up the love of Ariza, and even an opportunity to explain and save is no longer given. he. Ariza fell in love with Fermina, only used a look of time, but he did not think that it was not love, it was just a look of the eyes and the emergence of doctor Urbino at this time []Marlboro Lights Online[/url], let Ferminna feel Got another completely different love. His mature and considerate, compared to Arisa's passion for childishness, seems to be the most suitable way for marriage. Fermina is married to Urbino, and has lived a marriage life that all girls are yearning for. Urbino, who is the perfect husband, gave her a real sense of security. They lived in a peaceful and peaceful marriage for more than 50 years and the poor Arisa never erased the young Fairmin from her heart. Na's shadow, he has to wait, he feels that he must have the opportunity to recapture her love. This is more than 50 years, until Urbino died, Ariza finally waited for this opportunity to confess to Fermina again. Of course, in this 50-year wait, Ariza It is not a holy ascetic, he is lingering in love with different women, and has experienced all kinds of different loves, but he always keeps the position of the young Ferminna in his heart for ten years. When I finally stood in front of Fermina, I found that I was not as excited as I imagined, and a peaceful mind conquered him for no reason. He felt that all his efforts and persistence in his life were in vain, and all the pain he suffered was imposed on himself. Because he knows that when he and Ferminna decided to reopen their love journey in the following year, the past 50 years will be written off when they are 20 years old, because they are too young, they are 80 years old. They still can't get married because they are too old. Say, this is an encyclopedia of love, in which you will see various forms of love. There is a purely hot love when you are young, a flat and warm love between husband and wife, a passionate love between lovers, and a platonic love in the soul. Some people love to be rude, some people love to be forbearing, some people love to be delicate, some people love to linger, but, Alisa's long wait for Fermina for half a century is the longest entanglement in this book. In the best years, we missed the person we loved the most, what would you do? Like the man in the show, insist on the kind of ascetic guardian? Or like Alisa, indulge in the flesh The joy, while sticking to the soul's love? Or, you will be like Zhuangzi's wife, since it is destined to be unable to keep together, it is better to forget the literary world of Jianghutai []Newport Box 100S Carton[/url], and write all the helplessness and struggle of the fireworks. No work can be more bizarre than his wife's marriage. He never loved her, but he was loyal to her all his life, but he was always loyal to her, and he was always his flesh beginning to end. Until he was 82 years old, he couldn��t stand the wife who had lived with him for 48 years. He chose to run away from home and finally Alone dead in a log cabin. How can you think that this generation of writers who wandered at the top of the text, in their own emotions, was so confused for a lifetime, struggling for a lifetime, and guarding the life of a famous guest, Fang Xuanling, because the auxiliary government has meritorious Li Shimin of Taizong wants to give him a beautiful woman, because knowing that his wife is good []Cigarette Cartons For Cheap[/url], Fang Xuanling is scared to wave again and again, how can he not accept it. People laughed at him so much, it was really detrimental to the man's true color, and he called the room lady to go to the temple. After explaining the situation, he ordered a cup of "toxic wine" and said to Mrs. Fang: either promise your husband, or you drink this. The lady of the poisonous wine did not say anything. She lifted up the glass and drank it. The Manchu and the martial arts were all shocked. This really saw the lady��s arrogance. From then on, Li Shimin no longer dared to mention the matter of Fang Xuanling, who was not really poisoned by the wine, but only a cup of vinegar. From then on, the world has a "jealous". It turns out that jealousy is the most decisive defense of love. What I want is all. If you must share it with others, then I would rather choose to die! I have always been drinking water, knowing myself, and never being in love. You feel the same. Zhang Lunshuo once said in a show that love is like durian. If you haven��t tasted it yourself, how can you know what its true taste is? Your love is the softest shoes on your feet because Comfortable to stay with you further.
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