Today's Hainan

1 Апреля 2019 г.
Today's Hainan has entered a season of abundant rain. It rains almost every day, it is wet everywhere, the grass seems to be soaked in the water forever, so they can drink a full rain and keep going, the next one. The sky has been gray, as if I have met a cut that I can't get through. Every day I wash my face with tears, and tears are always spinning in my eyes. When you hit it, you will squat down. It seems that there are endless sad things, and there is a lot of troubles of "cutting constantly, and still messing up". I like rain, I like it when I was young, I like the feeling of rain, the feeling of sadness and melancholy, I can always pick up some poetic feelings. Looking at the rain, it seems as if I feel a dream, a dream rain without a beginning, and no ending, madly underground, gradually adding a lot of streams. I am excited to take an umbrella to go to the rain, wearing slippers to walk in the rain is awkward, simply take off the slippers, barefoot in the rain, let the rain wash the bare feet, let the instep, soles, toes, can lie in the rain As a small fish and a big fish, the umbrella has become a protective cover in this beautiful dream, protecting me from rain. I got the protection and felt the charm of the rain. It feels like standing on a thin piece of ice. On the other side of the ice is the blue and beautiful sea. It seems to be adventurous, and it seems to be feeling the magic of nature. I wandered on the empty road, the concrete floor was washed clean by the rain, and I felt comfortable. I stepped on it and it was very fast. Gradually, the wind was blown from the other side of the mountain. The rain became more fierce. I slammed it on the umbrella []Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa[/url]. I had to tilt the umbrella and let the umbrella cover the head and torso, let the rain hit the bare thigh. The original gentle rain will have a rapid moment. As long as there is wind, as long as the wind is strong enough, the rain will become another kind of rain. This is the case. You can freely change the shape and change the appearance []Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url]. If you want, you can do it. Rain has a tender side and a firm side. Tenderness can moisten everything, and perseverance can be worn by stones. People should also have the two sides of the rain []Newport Box 100'S[/url], half of the gentle, half of the perseverance []Marlboro Red 100S For Sale[/url], so that in the ever-changing era, find their own position, live a herringbone rain, gave me too much revelation, and brought me a lot. A lot of happiness. Every time I meet the rainy day, I will be very excited. I feel that my whole heart is flying. The feeling of indulging and dripping is unmatched by the hot weather. Although I can��t get out of the door, I will delay a lot of things []Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale[/url], but I still like rainy days. The only time you don't like rain, maybe when you are traveling. In particular, when climbing a mountain and encountering rain, it will be sinned. Not only will it be drenched into a chicken, but it may also ascend to see a group of fog and not see the distance. So when I was traveling, I didn't want to meet the rain, but I usually liked it when I was writing this article. It was raining outside the house and looking at the beautiful rain scene. I was happy again.
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