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15 Апреля 2019 г.
line in Yunnan to fight. Somehow this word was passed to my mother's ear. At that time, the front line was in a hurry. My mother was anxious and sad. I felt uneasy all day, silently crying, afraid of seeing others on the road, and being afraid of old age when I went home. The grandmother saw that there was a long big alley fr om the office to and from my home. The big alley had turned a corner and was filled with the mother's care and thoughts. I don't know how much the mother left her son's tears. The more I heard the more gossip, I heard someone say, "Someone died on the front line." "Someone interrupted the leg on the front line." The mother chased from start to finish and asked to understand. Sacrifice and injured were informed to the township, the mother took a big golden deer bicycle, ran up to Shili Road, went to the town government to ask clearly, when I learned that it was a fake news, my heart had some comfort. Even so Suddenly, my mother is still afraid of affecting my emotions. I am afraid that I am not at ease on the front line. She never talked about the front line in her reply. She swallowed her sonээs tears silently in her stomach. She always wrote in the letter. : Everything is good at home, don't worry, work with peace of mind. What a sensible mother! Knowing that his son is on the battlefield filled with smoke, he is very concerned about it, and buried all kinds of concerns in his heart, fully supporting his son to fight the battlefield. In the self-defense counterattack, I won a third-class battle. When I wore a gleaming military medal on my chest, I first thought of my mother. I had half of my mother on the military medal. When I went home to visit my relatives with the military medals, I saw that the mother standing in front of me had changed. It was not like it. It was very thin and very old. I was very sad. It was caused by concern. 1986 In the year, the regiment held military, political, and liberal arts competitions. I was in the prospective period of my long-awaited visit. My heart that missed my loved ones had already flown back to my home wh ere I left more than a thousand days and nights. After giving up the letter, I learned that the troops are competing. This is a good time to show my talents. I just dissuaded me to postpone the holiday and participate in the contest. I felt the motherээs move at the time. Itээs hard to understand, because I know that the mother under the sun is not worried about her son. The son is a soldier outside. The mother is looking forward to the day, looking forward to the moon, looking forward to the year, looking forward to the sonээs early return home to visit relatives. Looking at the telegram received by the company, can a few of them be true? Some mothers want to let their sons explore the home and report to them: "Mother is seriously ill <a href="">Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa</a>, quick return", "Father is ill, quick return", etc. These most taboo words are no matter what, no matter what, I want my son to go home. I have been serving for thousands of years, and I look forward to the prospective family. My mother asked me to postpone my family and persuade me to participate in the contest. Doesnээt the mother miss her son? No, and the mother buried her deeper thoughts in her heart. Later, I want to understand. I understand the mother, the son is like a mother, the mother is thinking about her son. She knows her sonээs nature and wants her son. Showing great talents in the big contest, what a great maternal love, since the mother has made such great determination, it has given me great encouragement and courage, and I have never lived up to the motherээs earnest expectations. The large-scale military levy of the whole regiment is in The corners of the square opened <a href="">Order Newport Cigarettes</a>, the scenes were tense and orderly, and the competition on the stage was extremely fierce. It was really an ability to experience the moving field. I was prepared to be full, not panic, pistol competition <a href="">Marlboro Regular Cigarettes</a>, 20 seconds disassembly and assembly; submachine gun competition, 25 seconds Dismantling and disassembly, double first, comprehensive first place <a href="">Newport Cartons For Sale</a>, I also reported the second place in the news, the third place in military professional technology, and won the only group award in the whole group. When I held the golden award When I was playing cards, the first thing I thought of was the mother who looked forward to thousands of miles away. Without the mother's jealousy, I couldn't stand on the exciting podium. Mothers love their children better than love themselves. For our work and life, she is always a thousand miles, and there are always endless concerns and endless thoughts. When I got home, I asked my mother, "You didn't miss me at the time?" The mother replied to me: "Which can't miss? Which mother doesn't miss his children? At that time, I would rather miss something, don't let you Lose the opportunity." This is the heart of a great mother. In 1986, I went to the Guangxi border again. This time, I didn't have a "letter letter". My mother saw it on the border of Guangxi. I was a little worried when I wrote back to me <a href="">Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping</a>. I explained the situation in my heart. There is no war here. In the front line of Laoshan in Yunnan, it is not the same. Please rest assured that the mother is relieved. Later, I thought that the mother's concern for his son is not superfluous. He always surrounds his son. This is the responsibility of a responsible mother to his son. The concern is the greatest maternal love. Mother's concern is the best reward for the children; the mother's concern, the world can not match any care; the mother's concern, so that children can not forget, never forget! Lifetime Mother's Day, wish the world All mothers are happy holidays, happy and healthy
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