y move towards calm.

26 Апреля 2019 г.
If nostalgia is a dream that can't go back, why don't we let go of it? Today, I went to see the sea again. We have walked on the beach, wrote the sea and the stone, and vowed the words of the vows. I can't see the traces, only the rain is falling, the waves are roaring, and the memories of the years are washed away unscrupulously. I can't get back to the tide of the heart, drowning every inch of grass on the long embankment, maybe the sea is tired and the tides rise and fall every day. The numbness becomes the habit of watching the boat in the distance, the rain and the ripples, who gave up the course of it, and let it drift with it, who let it fall and fall in the sea without margin, the danger of a huge wave being overturned at any time. Maybe the boat has no fear. If it can bring peace and bring home, if it sinks, then it will wave with it! Listen, the sound of the sea, the sea and the arrogance, the tsunami in the rain, the umbrella becomes a kind of decoration, the wind rolled up and the umbrella is turned over, this feeling is not bad, baptism in the wind and rain, roaring Looking at the sea, what kind of disinfection I am forgotten, I am eager to come more violently! Take me away, go to the depths of the sea, in order to wait until the bustling to become a Buddha, looking for the tranquility, I burned the light of my life to illuminate my way to the distance, die in boiling, in silence Wake up, the pure land of maple leaves, I sprouted in the pure land, forget the clouds in the sky, do the lotus in my Jing'an Temple, the dream in the moonlight of the river pond, appease the deep secret of my soul, suddenly a tease The layers of huge waves wet my feet, cold and cold. . . Oh, I am awake, woke up in the fantasy of my thoughts, I am still standing at the seaside in the wind and rain <a href="www.cigarettesstoreonline.com">Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S</a>, roaring sea, muddy yellow mud, nothing has changed, the tide is rising and falling, I listen to the wind and rain, except for the cold It��s cold, or this is reality, go home! Life is going to continue, and it will be a coincidence that the dream will grow up and face the stone. When I first walked into this mountain, I just wanted to see what the mountain looked like <a href="www.usacheapcigarettes.com">Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping</a>, and the simplicity of the life of the mountain people. I didn��t even think that I would face this stone alone. Actually, I was a person who lived in the mountains, but now it has evolved into a city. As a part of the people, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to see the mountains. In those times when I can't see the mountains, I often suspect that the mountains will be extinct in this world, just like some rare animals. This is probably the subconscious idea of ??most people in the city, so there are so many people in the city, in different ways, rushing to the countryside and the mountains, to see the last glance of the mountain and the real nature that our group began to be Together, just in the middle of a small mountain stream, I stopped and immersed myself in the fish in the creek and the various pebbles along the stream. I didn't realize that my companion had left me. The stream in the mountains is cool, the small fish in the water is fresh, and the pebbles along the stream are beautiful, which reminds me of my childhood. I used to live in a small river in the mountains. The river also brought me endless fun. When I looked up and looked for my companions, I found that there was no figure in the stream, only a few other city people. Play around the creek. I know the direction in which my companions are walking, but I don't want to plung into the mountains now. This stream seems to still attract me, so I decided to go straight along this narrow stream. Now I can't tell why I chose this method. I only know that I did. I still feel lucky to go along the creek for the choice. The stream is still narrow. This may be related to The season is related, but the riverbed of the stream is getting wider and wider. There are fewer and fewer tourists seeing during the walk. I believe that they are all on the mountain like my companions. Maybe they are coming to feel the mountain climbing. taste. But what is my purpose? In those days in the country, I climbed the mountain every day, that is, I went to school to climb a mountain, but most of us are weathered stone mountains. There are always some sand on the road waiting for you, which makes you have some difficulties in walking. . Unlike the stones on the edge of the creek, each piece reflects the hard and smoothness of the stone. I walked through a valley along the creek. At this time, there was no other person by the stream. I was alone in the valley between the two mountains <a href="www.shoptobaccoonline.com">Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes</a>. Walking through, let me feel the meaning of an adventure. When I walked out of the valley, I was stunned. There was a large open space outside the valley. Of course, this open space is for the mountain. It is about two football fields, and it is covered with big space. Small and small stones, small and similar to our common, big ones are as big as one or two rooms. If this is artificially mined, it is not surprising. The problem is that all the stones are naturally generated, because each A stone is round, and the years have smoothed their edges. When I looked at the first sight, I felt a power that no human landscape could give me. I stood at Taniguchi for a while before I walked into the stone step by step. The stone is silent, I only hear the sound of the wind and the stream. In this natural world, my heart involuntarily raises a sacred feeling. It seems that I am not facing a stone, but a living god, which implies my past history and the future of progress. Against this stone and the surrounding green hills, I walked solemnly, because here is history, nature, power. I sat down on a huge stone. I want to stand alone on this stone and feel the cleanliness in my soul. I faced the stones, meditation, and meditation. This is my mood at the time. It seems to be feeling a sinking and calming pair. I long for those stones that are clear and I am fainted by the bustling city. The brain, returning to the fresh vitality of nature. Looking at the stones and the green hills, I realized that I was only a small existent in the red dust. Compared with these stones, when we are just a short-lived creature facing the stone, I think the stone is facing me, I can feel it. Their silent thoughts. They infected me, calmed me down, closed my eyes, listened, and immersed in the communication with the stone. As a kind of life exists in the world, its history far exceeds our own human beings, and human beings are exploring the human beings in the process of exploring the stone. From the Stone Age, the stone is explored as human beings. The only way to go is. Only human beings have lost themselves in the prosperous world, forgetting the spirit of the same body, the spirit of harmony between man and nature, no one can find a pure stone of their own in the red dust, with a transcendental state of mind. To achieve a sublimation, this is a failure of mankind. Stone is a part of nature and part of the human soul. When I face the stone <a href="www.shoptobaccoonline.comff">Cartons Of Newport 100S</a>, I can feel the natural power of the stone, and realize the existence of the stone, the true meaning of the human being known as the spirit of all things, and the surface of the stone. Right, I experienced the kind of despair and poetic sorrow, and got the enlightenment of life value from it? This unintentional confrontation is a wonderful practice in my life. I have lived in the mediocrity of the city for a long time. There is a lack of power collision in my life <a href="www.shoptobaccoonline.com">Cheap Wholesale Newport Cigarettes</a>. This stone helped me to complete such cultivation. It built a chance to clean the body for me. I am in the mountain. I don��t know how long I have been sitting in the stone. I just feel that the sky is dark, but the stones are still, the breeze is still, the water is still there, and there seems to be no change. In the process of contemplation, I feel that my heart is more frank, and it seems that my heart also has This natural and original stone has produced a feeling of detachment. It seems that this time I forgot the stone, it is a baptism arranged by God. The ancients said: Heavenly rewards people, humanity commits crimes, to reach the beauty of heaven and man, it seems that sitting on the stone is also a good way. When I left the stone, I picked up a few ordinary small stones in the stone. I��m in my room now, they are worth the money, but they are invaluable in my eyes. When you��re okay, you can feel the stones sitting in the stone. Feeling, experience your own mood and slowly move towards calm.
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