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15 Мая 2019 г.
over a year ago [url=]Tevin Coleman Jersey[/url] , Kyle Shanahan was telling fans to be patient. That, of course, was said in 2017 B.G. (Before Garoppolo) Once Jimmy Garoppolo came to took over as the starter, patience went out the window. Sure the 49ers were developing, but not in a Cleveland Browns, three win season, kind of development. Which is why it’s hard for everyone to realize this is still a rebuild. It’s still a two-three year rebuild, even with Garoppolo under center. It’s just now a two-three rebuild with the season from hell. The 49ers want a win, need a win. The aforementioned Browns have more wins than they do. Of course that could mean they could do something drastic for 2018, even though this is part of a much larger picture. Kyle Shanahan was asked about if the 1-6 start was impacting the long-term goals of this team and mentioned doing something drastic (like a trade) isn’t in the cards: The NFL trade deadline has already had some craziness going on with Oakland Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper getting dealt to the Dallas Cowboys. Last year around this time, the 49ers sent a second round pick to the New England Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. When the trade was completed, Shanahan was quick to say Garoppolo was for the future, not for the 2017 season. If this losing season stunts the growth, we’ll know in a year or two [url=]Dante Pettis Jersey[/url] , but it seems like Shanahan is still looking at the bigger picture. Even if this losses may make him feel pressured to do something drastic. If the future is in mind, then maybe things are going according to plan. But maybe getting another splashy trade for the future wouldn’t hurt. As the Raiders continue to flail about in search of a place to play next season, their neighbor has made an offer they may be able to refuse.According to Matt Maiocco of , the 49ers are willing to work with the Raiders on a one-year stadium agreement, which would see the teams share Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.But they’re not willing to waive their territorial rights to Oracle Park (the baseball Giants park in San Francisco), which would effectively end the notion of the Raiders playing there.The league’s bylaws state that the 49ers can’t play in Oakland and the Raiders can’t play in San Francisco without the team waiving its rights.Then there’s the matter of San Francisco not seeming to want them. Mayor London Breed said in an interview with KTVU that she doesn’t want them, citing congestion from other sports teams and construction projects.鈥淎s far as I鈥檓 concerned, the Oakland Raiders should play in Oakland,鈥?Breed said.The Raiders need a place to play in 2019 before their new stadium in Las Vegas is ready, but that’s not proving to be an easy process.They have a one-year lease offer to stay in Oakland, and as awkward as their goodbye has been, it would just add another layer. But it would be a significant tail-between-the-legs return, considering the city’s pending lawsuit against the team.
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