5 Июня 2019 г.
Now that March has turned to April [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Christian McCaffrey Panthers Jersey[/url] , the 2019 NFL Draft is nearly upon us.it’s time to look at another intriguing defensive back prospect."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Keep Sounding PodcastPanthers 2019 NFL DraftCSR Film RoomDraft Profile: Empurroar PawpawtineNew,18commentsNow that March has turned to April, the 2019 NFL Draft is nearly upon us.it’s time to look at another intriguing defensive back prospect.EDTShareTweetShareShareDraft Profile: Empurroar PawpawtineEmpurroar Pawpawtine aka “Bert”SummaryPawpawtine is an intriguing and blazing fast but undersized prospect from a mid major college that turned heads with his incredible 40 yard dash and vertical leap at the NFL combine. His lack of experience against top level college talent is balanced nicely by the pure cute factor he brings to the field, and his insanely fast reflexes. Referred to as “Bert” by his handlers, he may have a hard time focusing at the NFL level, but if he responds well to professional coaching could be a real draft day steal.Prospect InfoAge: 1Hometown: Greensboro, NCCollege: Catpalachian State UniversityHeight: 13”Weight: 10 lbs.Arms: 6” (but he has four of them)Paws: 1” (but again, has four of them [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Elite Christian McCaffrey Jersey[/url] , with razor sharp talons, and there is no NFL rule against that)Combine Results40-yard dash: 3.1 secondsBench Press: He once sat on my wife’s chest for six hours without movingVertical Jump: To the top of my dresserBroad Jump: All the broads love Bert3 cone drill: he knocked each one of them over within 7 secondsAnalysisWhen he set NFL combine records in both the 40 yard dash and vertical jump, Pawpawtine found himself CATapulting to the top of many draft boards, but very real concerns about his small frame were soon pounced upon by many scouts. There are also eligibility and work ethic concerns, that can be seen very clearly in the above posted video. Even more troubling are rumored off-field troubles with catnip addiction, and an unquenchable desire for a brown hash like substance simply referred to as “treats”. Positive reports that he has been working closely with legendary coach and land owner Count D’Bunny at the NIP Academy in Florida are helping to ease some concerns, and starting to change minds about his overall coachability at the NFL level. No one doubts “Bert” for his rare athletic talent, the question will be if he can develop his game and be durable enough at the pro level. If he can [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Game Christian McCaffrey Jersey[/url] , his ultra-rare speed and ability to close on the ball to make plays could make him a sparkling diamond in the rough.Empurror Pawpawtine watches from the sidelines while Count D’Bunny stays in his ear about his mechanics.StrengthsAlways around the ball, does not shy away from contactHas very “active feet” with razor sharp clawsPursuit and closing speed are legendaryCan see in the dark, film room junkie, first guy in and last outLong tail sometimes gets caught up in the legs of opposing players, causing them to trip without penaltyIs faster than everyone on the fieldRare reaction times, excellent play recognitionCan often hide well in coverage, faking quarterbacks into bad decisions as he makes a play on the footballAdorably cute and distracting for any opponentIs a good boy.WeaknessesYoung and inexperienced with several off-field concernsInconsistent, goes from being fully engaged to napping on the field without any real reason [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Christian McCaffrey Womens Jersey[/url] , takes plays off.Does not speak English, so never knows what coverage is being called, but can often make up for it with athleticismSleeps 16 hours a day, lots of work ethic concernsKnown as a flopper, has a bad reputation with officiating staffWhen a flag is thrown, has a tendency to jump on it and play with it, leading to an unsportsmanlike conduct foulPlays to the whistle, but often runs away from it in fearSize concernsIs a cat. The NFL announced their All Pro teams for the 2018 season today [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Youth Christian McCaffrey Jersey[/url] , and two Carolina Panthers made the cut. Linebacker Luke Kuechly was named a first team All Pro for the fifth time in his career, tied with J.J. Watt for most among active players. He joins Patrick Willis, Zach Thomas, and Derrick Brooks among linebackers with five first team selections. The only linebackers with more are Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, Junior Seau, Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis [url=http://www.panthersjerseyproshop.com/christian-mccaffrey-jersey/]Christian McCaffrey Men Jersey[/url] , and Lawrence Taylor. That’s some pretty good company. Kuechly wasn’t the only Panther to receive All Pro honors. Running back Christian McCaffrey was named to his fist All Pro team despite being snubbed from the Pro Bowl. McCaffrey earned the spot in the ‘flex’ position of the second team. The flex spot replaced to the second running back spot on the All Pro teams in 2016, but five of the six selections since have been running backs (hybrid wide receiver Tyreek Hill is the only exception, and he received first team honors this season). After the Pro Bowl snub, it’s nice to see McCaffrey get recognition for his record breaking season. He set the single season record for receptions by a running back and became just the third player in NFL history with at least 1,000 yards rushing and 100 receptions. The full list of All Pro selections can be found in this Tweet:
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