not happy, but don

12 Июня 2019 г.
not happy, but donээt open KTV, classmates and friends said to drive me home, I donээt want to send, Iээm drunk and standing. Steady me, shaking and reluctantly walking a short distance, then the flowers that fell to the side of the road could not get up. If no one sees it, this night may have spent another night in the flower garden. Finally, my friend helped me to call and asked my family to pick it up. My wife and children came to see me drunk and embarrassed, and said with anger that the whole family has been looking for you for a few hours [url=]Online Cigarettes[/url], and your cell phone is always missed. I am worried that you are drunk and troublesome, and you are afraid of where you fell. In the event of an accident, all of them are thinking about the bad things, and they are also preparing for an alarm to find someone. After the wife took the motorcycle and took it home, she was lying on the sofa. The wife said: After dinner at the friend's house, you will come back for a walk, and you will write what you want to eat, drink Danquan, and drunk Dancheng. How come to the KTV box and drunk with people like this, this time you really drink Danquan drunk Dancheng, if no one sees, you are not drunk sleeping in the flowerbed in the roadside... On the sofa, I listened to my wife in a confused way. I didnээt know when I entered the drunken dreamland. In my dreams, my soul was floating, and I went back to the once drunken. I used to be hungry when I was young, and I came to drink with my brother and sister [url=]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]. On the way to the drunken home next door to the village, I was so drunk that I couldnээt walk and sleep in the desert, listening to the sound of the grass, and staying alone in the moon. I used to get drunk fr om my hometown, drunk at the door of my house, vomiting the wine and meat, the dog came over and ate dry, and finally the dog was drunk, sleeping with the person at home, and dawned to find that his pants were broken and the shoes fell. I slept in the kennel, covered in dust and dirty, and laughed at the neighborsээ dreams. I dreamed of climbing on the top of the tigerээs hill, watching the sunset with the photographers, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the county in the sunset. Especially when the Hua Deng was at the beginning, the train whistle roused the lights from the south to the north, and joined the street lights of the hustle and bustle, igniting the glory of the city, and racing the stars in the sky, causing the feelings of the seven fairy gods in the sky. In particular, the laser light that goes straight into the sky is like the Venus star in the mythical story when the stone monkey was born. It swayed and cut through the sky [url=]Newport 100S[/url], and the road was so shocking that the jade emperor was born and the stone monkey was born. All the cents, dispatched the heavens to the clairvoyance and the wind, and the clouds frequently probed. Clairvoyance and Shunfeng ears readily reported the situation to the Jade Emperor's spiritual environment. My dreams were clouded on the park hill and boarded the exquisite Wangyue Pavilion [url=][/url] The dream is in the Wangyue Pavilion in the high picking star morning, gathering with the drinkers, and handing the Danquan wine of the Qiongyeyu liquid, constantly toasting and inviting to drink the stars in the sky, and wishing you all the best. Long days. The jade rabbit under the moon tree in the moon palace silently regrets stealing the elixir [url=]Marlboro Lights[/url], and was banned in the Guanghan Palace, complaining about the blue sea and the night. The marshal of the canopy on the way back to the drunkenness was banned in the cold palace because of the love of the emperor's small three scorpion, and was taken to the lower bound to become the pig's body of the Tang dynasty, the second sect of the pig, and the pig garrison faced eight regulations, but could not quit the confrontation. infatuation. The twinkling stars are their lonely talks. The cowherd and weavers who were separated by the emperor from the Milky Way, the cowherd who carried the baby on the bank of the Milky Way, deeply prayed for the weaving of the early and the other shore, drunkenly swaying the streetlights overlooking the sky, thinking In the paradise of the fairyland, the jade emperor, who is a feast of the feast, enjoys drinking the sap of the sap of the scent of the jade, and the drunkenness of the world is like the night scene of the paradise. In the face of the vast Milky Way, the Guanghan Palace, wh ere the heights are not chilly, I hope that the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother, in the dreamland of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, will be in a dream, and the dream will be light and stun
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