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13 Января 2020 г.
this for two and a half months now sometimes daily use sometimes alternate day use and I feel like them only just at the halfway mark now I mean there's still a lot of uses in here for me the one hydrating toner / essence that really stood out to me this year is this one from then I met you the giving essence this is a hybrid between like a first treatment essence with a really hydrating toner and it's got this beautifully this comforting texture which is why I use it a near traditional sort of toner / essence stuff rather than you know as the first treatment after cleansing it's not the beautiful ferments that brighten up your skin and smooth out the texture but it's also full of antioxidant plant goodness that just feeds and nourishes your skin but also its have the leaf hydrating it's got glutamic acid in it just one skin over this packs a real


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