OP MTX to attempt to increase that revenue

26 Марта 2020 г.
I mean rather than dumping it to 22, in case the game used any of that revenue that may hold some water. RS3 has less than 20 developers last I checked and makes well over 50 MILLION profit a year.I'm not certain what you mean. Would not the owners be wanting to maximise profit however? Cutting on subscription will half RS3's earnings. They will try and boost earnings if of their earnings drops.

That is something you should tell folks like EXPHuster who make it seem like subscription fees don't matter telling people to shut up around MTX. IMO Jagex is stuck onto a transition from Subs to MTX after several years is. We'd see membership fees increase again, When we eliminate MTX. If we got rid of subscription, then we'd see more aggressive and OP MTX to attempt to increase that revenue.

I am okay with either manner. It they focus all their efforts into making a subscription value it or go on MTX. It really makes no difference to me as I've had plenty of experience playing PaytoWin games and there is always OSRS for its actual rs experience. Idk if people understand that RS3's MTX is currently quite aggresive, TH is actually the equivalent of Gacha Boxes or Loot Boxes since the Western MMOs phone it so it can't get any worse. While Gacha or even Loot Boxes give out crap more often,

TH is much more OP as it's a high chance at xp and incentive xp that you can purchase off with keys. Though other MMOs would attempt to restrict xp gain as far as possible to keep players searching for a period Jagex is giving it away too easily. I have gotten an amount of bonus xp in the oddments from free keys with their promos. It's counterintuitive that they market xp to skip plenty of skill levels when the most important aim of this subfees would be to keep players subbed as long as possible and have them working on these skills.

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