The dwarf silently

5 Мая 2020 г.
The dwarf silently came to a wonderful world. In this world, trees will grow taller without roots, obviously a forest, but there is a large stone mountain on the side. More importantly, this world is two-dimensionalized! The dwarf stayed in this world in silence. There is no other dwarf here, only he lives alone. Cut trees and build shelters. There is a huge warehouse in his house with an abandoned portal <a href="">Cigarettes Online</a>. The dwarf silently does not know what this is for, only knows that he came to this two-dimensional world from here. Suddenly, with a rumbling noise, the second dwarf flew out of the portal, fell to the ground, and came to this world. The dwarf saw this scene in silence and was happy! He was like a cheerful bird in his heart, twittering there. The two survived together. They dug a deep hole in the mud and got iron and coal. Two paper men built workbenches, built furnaces, made ironware, and polished wooden boards. Look! There was another bang, one, two, three, four. More and more dwarves came to this world. Many people are powerful, and they survive here carefree. Then, sometime when a group of goblins built their base, they started to burn and loot, and robbed the dwarves of many things. Many dwarves were injured in order to defend their homes, and some even died. At this moment, the sky seemed to have a dark cloud covering the dwarf's shelter. The dwarves began to make weapons. Some picked up thick, thick wooden sticks, and some dwarves took out the small daggers dug in the ground <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>. The blacksmith started to make mace with the iron he got underground, and the carpenter started to make bows and arrows with his own wisdom. The dwarves were angry, and they wanted to avenge their dead partners. A fierce battle is coming, the goblins take their goblin spears, and the dwarves take their mace. Suddenly, the flames of war raged and the smoke spread. This is either your death or my death! The dwarves returned home with injuries. Even so, they won. The dwarves took back the things that had been robbed and used the blood of the goblin to pay tribute to the dwarves' totems and to the dead dwarves. The dwarves ate the apples on the dining table hungrily, hoping to reduce their pain. It didn't take long for the dwarves to return to health. After this lesson, the dwarves understood the crisis surrounding them. They have built their own defensive business, and you have confirmed which dwarves are responsible for melee and which dwarves are responsible for archery. The enemies around them could no longer threaten the dwarves. The dwarves were now strong. I don't know which day. The enemies seemed to set a date and rushed towards the dwarves in a swarm <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>. Can dwarves overcome them? This is still unknown ... Silently, silently, get up! Silently opened his eyes and rushed to wash his head in despair.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">NewportCigarettesCoupons</a>
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