Possibly a different mechanic could be used

13 Июня 2020 г.
I'm pretty sure I got Re:Coded since it was on sale and I guessed the remainder of RuneScape were largely good... It had been such a disappointment. Without getting over the minimal points in that system you 23,, I got to the final boss of DDD.

I would beat half of a world's narrative with Riku, then need to continue playing as Sora, and then Sora would fall asleep, it'd grant me zero points or anything, ask if I needed to devote my zero points on things or upgrades or something, and then... wake Sora back upward. I didn't know what I do wrong or its point. When it came out, not like I was some little child struggling with my videogame I was like 18. It simply didn't describe it very well, I guess.Pretty much everybody hates Coded and much more or less enjoys to forget about it =P. As for the drop system of DDD, '' I really don't think anybody was a fan of that. Even then though, yeah, no one enjoyed it.

A proposal for the Biggest Item Sink in Old-School RuneScape's History

I think that it's a decent idea but requires refinement: People would just move their items to be at the top end of the 10 percent, there by pushing the normal GE cost, rinse and repeat and also the cost of the thing on that day will probably bloat very aggressively. If issue 1 exists, compared to players will inventory pile items and wait to market on the day, as it is an automated payout and the price can be manipulated. I believe that there has to be a lockdown about the thing of the day's purchase price, prior to it.

Possibly a different mechanic could be used, like the item of the day is worth 1.1X it has average GE worth in gold should you drop it straight in the hole. In that case it's 10% less expensive on average to throw the items in to your pet. I presume this would be mistreated that the at the ways I listed above but just a thought. Could address it by just not telling us what item has been sunk. There is zero sensible reason for us understanding it other than to abuse it, so just don't tell us. I'm sure some people may figure it out, but they would be guessing, and they might also switch up the item to 2-3 objects rotating during the day or any variety of solutions to deal with individuals abusing it.

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