OSRS remained true to'07-08s quite

27 Июня 2020 г.
I don't know why you are getting downvoted (I do), but yeah the graphics were cool back in'06. The battle is absolute crap and needs you to click more in your own inventory compared to anyplace else on the monitor. I loved RS2, don't get me wrong, but there are far better MMO's than"Arithmetic Simulator". The challenge is that people dont accept RuneScape game for what it is. Nostalgia more than everything that they downvote. RuneScape game looks like dogshit, which can be somewhat of a shame. Even WoW updated its appearances. But yeah, RuneScape game was great back in the afternoon, it doesnt hold up.

Think of how WoW now is. OSRS=Classic and RS3=Battle For Azeroth. RS3 is what Runescape has evolved in to over the years and is in its core, the identical match, but entirely overhauled. Combat went fr om easy, I do and swing damage, to you do and swing harm skills and action bar skills. They also added a lot of MTX that makes RuneScape game too simple and takes a lot of the soul and sense of achievement out. OSRS is just how RuneScape match has been with a great deal of QOL additions and material, in 2007. It can be performed like a simpleton or you can go nerd that was sweaty that was full and minute max your efficacy. You are able to do something like click a tree and have your character chop logs to increase your woodcutting level at the same time you pay little to no focus.

Or you may do something engaging like fight bosses for hours trying to obtain a desired thing with a drop opportunity with their mechanics. You can spend hours and hours on this game and never come close to running out of things to do. I have over hours on my character and only have 1 maxed out skill to show for this. In fact it requires the average player 2300-2500 hours to max out each skill level and thats abilities. This doesnt include of the item searching minigames etc in RuneScape game. If you love using a sense of achievement and grinding proceed for OSRS. Not to mention OSRS is working on cellular phones. RS3 would not be recommended by me personally.

Returning participant - RS3 or OSRS for casual play?

Been getting the RS itch we all get after a long time away from RuneScape game. I last played 2 decades or so ago. What game is better for casual play? Something I will play with a few hours per day roughly. The long 12 hour days of my childhood are way behind me, but I miss RuneScape game! Also, websites or any YT you would recommend for guides? RS3 contains a steeper grind and is best for PvM and endgame content, wh ere OSRS is better for PvP. For play I would say RS3. OSRS remained true to'07-08s quite grindy nature, whilst RS3 has things like bonus exp and higher exp rates to help players achieve.

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