But this is exactly what occurs when Jagex plain fails to request players

28 Июня 2020 г.
But this is exactly what occurs when Jagex plain fails to request players to complete the bare minimum quests for a LORE DRIVEN SKILL. Nope, can't ask players to complete a moderate length pursuit with 13 Agility, Thieving and 17 Mining reqs since it is too much. Gotta return at AoD, you know? I only wish Osborne, Orion, and/or Raven would've been involved in this ability, sometimes it feels like they're the last mods that truly care about RuneScape's lore.

I have to agree. Archeology having quest-locked content makes sense. You are uncovering history. Quests build lore. And of course pursuit requirements would've likely curbed the alt accounts folks made just to gather mats and they never would've needed to nerf the special weapon bit drops that functioned only to screw over the common player. Now that you have stated it I completely concur. Having a skill that involves quest locked content actually makes a lot of sense and could provide more motivation for people to do questing.

I have no idea where you are getting this impression from. Osborne has overseen the abolishment of pursuit requirements, reduced pursuit numbers to their time lowest whilst cutting the resources to make them sits in on those meetings signing off on all these thoughts. The idea that Osborne cares about RuneScape or gamers is ludicrous. He does is says some vacant words to promote hype occasionally in between his various holidays on players money. His actions or inactions reveal he doesn't give a damn about the lore or gamers or RuneScape.

I am ready for the votes that were downward. In fact, I'm a little surprised they've not come already. Each time I do highlight to individuals however, a couple do respond just like you do agreeing maybe the word is getting out there. I can understand why people do not see through Osborne's persona immediately. He is always speaking enthusiastically and attempting to build up hype. After time though you begin to realise that he is only repeating the same phrases without doing anything. Criticism is dismissed rather than responded to, the hype is a shield from discussing any failings along with the positive tone leaves people who criticise Osborne look as they are being mean. It takes a little while for folks to pick up on this.

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