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1 Августа 2020 г.
2K out here with Mamba's departure to promote sales. That is janky. You could give a piece of paper to me if it has 2K21 inside. Idgaf about a case. Cover art? For what, you're likely to find the cover art on the loading screen anyways. Absolutely agree. They monetizing off his title. If they wanted to do it correctly the money for this edition should be given to the charity Kobe started. I completely concur. If a business is making money of somebody's death they should give some of it off.

To. They did not"put him on the cover" they place him on special editions covers since they knew people would cover 20-25 bucks for the"Mamba variant" on the bottom. This is the gap between honoring his legacy, and seeking to make a buck from his passing. Zion Williamson is a great player, however Kobe needs to be on both covers, but not just the"I paid more cash" versions. They're directly profiting from his death and that's scummy. I mean 2K doesn't give a shit, its customer catching. So since Kobe expired and people wanted this they view it as an chance to get more cash because of the constant"Kobe better be on the cover" quotes. What's the point in purchasing it? It's just extra stuff it is easy to grind for.

Are answered in the infographic or on this. The present gen Mamba Forever Edition is the best alternative if you plan on playing both gen this calendar year. I am answering as many questions as I could in the comments and on Twitter. Once I clean some things up with 16, We'll also post our FAQ. Please keep in mind I really do my best to be true but I am not a whatever they tell over what I state you need to be taken.

This bonus is exclusive to this specific variant (#8 Kobe).NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER advancement won't move between generations. Wondering if and how you'll receive your present and next gen copies should you purchase the Mamba Forever Edition? Check out this post. No bodily bonuses are included from 2K. Some third party retailers are providing items or steelbooks out.

Check out for more details.
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