The whole"that is how it's always been" complaint is the worst

2 Августа 2020 г.
Автор: (Nanlina) chen
The whole"that is how it's always been" complaint is the worst. It is your fault for purchasing money because you supposed you can use it. And 7 months is a long time, and with Madden nfl 21 being a new program, they are keeping Madden nfl 20 up and operating, so it will be longer than that. We'll just have to disagree. I didn't state it was the most compelling argument possible, just a fair one. When something has occurred exactly the same manner for multiple years in a row, I think it's perfectly reasonable to expect it to continue and voice displeasure as it does not (and prices you real $). Okay with me if you do not agree.

Would you settle for that? EA has been touted for its"first measure of advancement" by every gambling critic and review site for the past decade. We are well past them only needing to make a couple changes to support the fans. If they need people to buy a"new" game for full price they need to put the effort in to make it a new sport, not last year's using a fresh skin of paint and a few slight changes in our favorite sport mode. That type of settling is what EA thrives off because like you're happy with what they've done they do the minimum amount of work and then say players. Fuck that. Overhaul Madden NFL 21 and put in their fucking lives.

Honestly I believed the variable abilities was a great touch. It's adds personality and let's them have their own type of play that additional Madden NFL lacked. Sure enough are OP and many others are unworthy but that imo was a good addition. Madden NFL 21 requires more immersion in the franchise mode however. It needs player hold outs and contract demands, incentive based contracts, front and back loaded contracts, being able to extend players before their contract is up, new voice lines to the draft and gameplay, even better stat recording (preceding teams players were on, documents as a rookie for QBs, super bowl winning teams by year), pre draft interviews and character types for draft prospects, real consequences for different player characters.

Feuds and rivalries team building AI, AI that is better, better CPU thickness graph offensive, AI and defensive coordinators that actual offer some depth in standing valuations and gameplay, mentor personality types. Every one these items would make franchise style 100x better by themselves, not touching Madden NFL 21play related improvements that could be made like greater o line blocking, actual physics instead of this faux physics animation shit (190 lb corner struck sticking a 240 lb running back for a fumble anybody?), QB read development unique to different QB styles and personalities (does the trigger happy attribute, oblivious sense anxiety.

Or force passes trait even do anything?) All this could probably happen within a 3-4 year period but rather EA likes to coast off of MUT and roll up the remainder of Madden NFL 21 out after maybe 3 months of graphic improvement and a new gimmicky game mode (draft champions anybody?) While they let one cowboys enthusiast decide the evaluations of over 1000 NFL players with no kind of reality or oversight based reference substance.

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